SOLANA — Explained

Solana is Good-Term Project?

Solana is a new way to live that offers solutions for our health, lifestyle and finances. Every day we can have access to the latest news and entertainment in Spanish with every single click of an app. We work on ourselves and each other from home and in our places, so it’s easy for us to stay active and connected. Our technology will get better over time, so we can make more informed decisions about what works best for all. With one social network, people can interact and communicate with others in real-time. This allows us all to keep up with the changing world with every thought! It’s like going to school at your own pace.

People are spending more time outside of their devices than ever. And they want to be able to share it with those who are far away. For this reason, I believe that everyone should have their pick when it comes to whom they want to connect. You want to be able to see who you are with the same energy as you would if you were with loved ones. Not having these networks, you’re just watching yourself. It makes sense to find someone you feel comfortable being around and be able to meet with your friends, but also to reach out without worrying about finding someone who feels the way you do. That’s my goal with Solana.

I’m thrilled to have launched Solana to bring together different communities and interests into one place. With our tech and our content we’ll all grow together. Because not only do we share things, we share lifestyles. You can find everything there is to know about me and my goals here and connect with some amazing influencers — I think it’s important that you try out something new.

I look forward to working with the community on growing what it means to be human. As creators, we must challenge ourselves, motivate the next generation, and create new ways of living. On the side of that, we want to encourage other people to think differently too. So there won’t always be the same content on social media where everything is uniform. People want different experiences, they want to stand out. But we need to let them be whoever they want and never judge them based on how they want to show us. Everyone has an opinion, but it doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. So keep watching your favorite creator or artist or writer or whatever and don’t just tell me what to do or what doesn’t belong. Make sure that what you have is authentic from a point of view that you truly believe in. The key to anything good in life is consistency. Don’t become complacent when your content is consistently amazing. When you see someone with excellence and wonder why I didn’t even think they could do the job. Do you want to continue to watch them? Why not show me? There will come a moment when you’ll think that maybe they didn’t have every piece down to earth, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn — and even then, it will always be fun!


People want to change themselves, but sometimes, they don’t understand why. I want to help people understand that it’s okay to not need money, it’s okay to need to go back to where you came from or what you had that made you feel happy. Maybe you have a little extra cash. No worries about having enough funds, the amount of content you want is your choice! We need to teach people to stop judging themselves based on how many followers they have or how much engagement they’ve seen. If you don’t want to reach 20k followers or 100k likes or 100 comments in 15 minutes — you’re doing too much. You need to have boundaries and limits. Like any business, people want to grow, but what will be the end-state you want to live in when you no longer are here? Will it hurt you to step away? I think that, in order for a person to grow he needs to first have a good understanding about his self. Understand himself because you want to grow with that and without that, they won’t be able to reach that future state and grow with it.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”
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