Real Ethereum price prediction in year 2030!

Ethereum price prediction 2030

Eth is building a business using the blockchain which is currently not in use as it requires high initial investment. Since there are so many problems associated with cryptocurrencies, ethereum price prediction can be used to predict how much will be needed in my business and how much I will make. So without further ado let’s get started!

Why Bitcoin Is Not The Answer Instead Of ETH?

Bitcoin trading has its own set of pros but the cost is too high as compared to other currencies; like gas fees or money exchange. Also, the current market price of BTC makes me doubt about the future growth of this currency & why we should invest in ETH instead of BTC but this time around cryptocurrency is still at an all-time high.

Bitcoin Market Structure vs Ethereum Decentralized Finance Sector

Bitcoin market structure is more decentralized than ETH sector. There are hundreds of coins around the globe with their own separate blockchains. Bitcoin's system works in such a way that new Bitcoins are issued by mining (new coins) and then distributed through mining pools into the public Ethereum Blockchain. However, in case of ETH, they only issue tokens during ICOs. This means if you want to buy ETH now you have to go through multiple exchanges to obtain them. Most investors don't even know what ETH is.

Decentralization = Creativity = Energy

This is the same for bitcoin. If you give people the power to share your power then they will do anything to earn that energy and most likely you will see some value out of it which may become very attractive later. In comparison to ETH, I have seen people selling crypto after making billions in profit but no one really knows where to go. Many companies seem to be losing revenue and lots of projects are suffering from lack of funding. But since all those resources are being transferred to ETH sector, we can expect significant interest in the industry with the launch of DEXs.

The whole point of Ethereum is to give back that control to the community instead of giving away access to others. Even though people think that the government is trying to take advantages over us by providing loans, I don't think that is true. They want to open up the technology and show all the benefits using these technologies but for sure they need to understand ETH's ecosystem and how they should function in order to maximize the possibility of users. Another thing is the difference between private vs. public keys which help people find other parties who can be trusted to manage the keys. We don't want anyone to steal our information just like other coins like ETH.

Blockchain Industry Has Grown To More Than $2 Billion By Now

It seems like the amount of businesses that believe on decentralization are growing exponentially. Almost $2 billion has been raised from ICOs so far. And the number is growing and the projects are getting funded rapidly as well. An example of such project is Uniswap. People started investing in this app as soon as it launched because they saw the potential of the platform. It was a huge success but again, people got invested after knowing full details about it. As we all know that the problem was that it wasn't accessible to everyone. That's where another major decentralized finance institution came in. Bancor, a company based in Switzerland, raised a total of $500 million (from 7.5 billion US dollars) from 17.4 BUSD in May 2020. However, most people believed that it would fail. At first, many developers wanted to quit. Eventually, this platform became extremely successful and started to grow very rapidly. You can see the graph below for more info.


Bitcoin prices have increased so much in recent years but in case something is going wrong in the near future, it will be the right time since every coin shows the potential to rise. What makes EIPT better is the fact that it provides a user base for more than a hundred users rather than just few of them. All this can be achieved through smart contracts. With the EIPT there should be some transparency as to who owns and who has the correct power to decide what happens (in contrast to BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP). Ethereum price prediction make sense when looking at the EIPT as well because at least in the next 5 years, it will always provide a chance for each and every person to enjoy the freedom of choice making possible an ideas to a X10 or a x50.

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