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ETH/ETH2.0 Fully Explained

Decentralised applications and cryptocurrencies are two of the most popular terms connected to Ethereum. It is no surprise then that they are both connected to one another. If you have ever listened to about Ethereum or have used decentralised applications, then you already know a lot of what I am going to say here. If you have never heard of Ethereum, here are three reasons why I am confident it will revolutionise the world in much the same way as Bitcoin did. Ethereum has the potential to change the world financially because of its real-world applications and the ability to store value. While Bitcoin is the primary original cryptocurrency, it can also be argued that Ethereum was blockchain technology's initial mass-market application. To understand more about the future price of Ethereum, read on.


As more people use Ethereum, the network will be less expensive and will be able to process more transactions. However, Ethereum is a blockchain with its native currency, Ether. As such, there are many more use-cases for Ethereum than Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and financial transactions are restricted to it, Ethereum in itself is a blockchain with its own currency, Ether. Lumos Labs, a developer-centric metaverse platform, provides a solution.


The Ethereum Foundation says that a single 2.0 Ethereum transaction will consume electricity equal to about 20 minutes of TV viewing (35 watts). By reducing energy consumption, Buterin aims to make a transaction less expensive. However, one must have high-powered computers in order to solve complex math problems to earn rewards for mining or validating crypto transactions originally.

More ECO-Friendly

Less energy intensive, higher in environmental friendliness. According to the Ethereum Foundation, a single Ethereum 2.0 transaction will consume electricity equal to about 20 minutes of TV (35 watts). Buterin aims to reduce the energy consumption by 99.95%. To make a transaction, one needs high powered computers to solve complicated maths in order to earn rewards for mining or validating crypto transactions.


In order to process a single Ethereum 2.0 transaction, the Ethereum Foundation estimates that it would require around 20 minutes of watching television (35 watts). By reducing the energy consumption by 99.95%, Buterin hopes to generate more revenue and less environmental harm.

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