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Binance Deploys $1 Billion in Crypto Industry to keep Afloat After FTX Collapse

The crypto market has taken another hit – this time, the fallout from the failure of leading token exchange FTX and its subsequent bankruptcy will likely cost investors more than $1 billion, and could also significantly damage trust in the crypto industry as a whole. In response to the fallout and in an effort to help keep the industry afloat, Binance is deploying $1 billion of its own funds into a new initiative called “Binance Charity Foundation” that will directly invest in blockchain projects to accelerate their growth. To learn more about how these events may impact you as an investor, read on...

What is FTX?

FTX (Financial Technologies) was a leading token exchange platform that launched in 2016. It was one of the first companies licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate a regulated token trading platform. The company was known for its fast transaction speeds and affordable transaction fees, allowing users to trade tokens on any device and at any time. The FTX platform allowed investors to trade cryptocurrencies, equities, and commodities. Over the years, FTX grew to become one of the most important token exchanges in the industry, with a daily trading volume of around $40 million. However, on March 15, 2019, FTX filed for bankruptcy and halted all trading operations.

What Happened to FTX Investors’ Funds?

While some of FTX’s investors have reported being able to liquidate their tokens and get back their funds, others have not had this luck. The FTX token is not currently listed on any exchanges, which has made it significantly more difficult for users to get their money out. With FTX now bankrupt and unable to give back investors’ funds, the future of the token is uncertain. Investors and users who have been unable to retrieve their funds may have to pursue legal action against the FTX team to recoup the funds they are owed.

Why Did FTX Fail?

The exact reason behind FTX’s sudden downfall and bankruptcy is not yet known. However, as the company was one of the most regulated token exchanges in the industry, some have speculated that the company may have struggled to meet the strict requirements that come with SEC regulation. Other factors that could have led to FTX’s downfall include poor management, insufficient funds, and inadequate security. Whatever the cause, FTX’s failure has cast a shadow over the entire crypto industry. As one of the most prominent and regulated exchanges in the industry, FTX’s collapse has raised significant concerns about the security of crypto investments.

How Will This Impact Binance’s Crypto Investment Initiative?

The events surrounding FTX’s collapse come at an unfortunate time for Binance as it prepares to launch its new initiative to accelerate the growth of the crypto industry. The $1 billion initiative is expected to be Binance’s largest investment to date. The initiative will be supported by Binance’s own funds, as well as funds raised through the sale of “Binance Tokens” (BNB). Binance is currently holding its third “Binance Coin (BNB) Buyback” program, which allows investors to buy back BNB tokens and receive a 50% discount. The program is expected to continue until October 22, 2019. Binance is also planning to launch a new BNB utility token in Q4 2019.

Bottom line

The collapse of FTX and the $1 billion hit it could take from the fallout is a significant setback for the crypto industry. While Binance is stepping up to help keep the industry afloat with its new investment initiative, the events are a reminder that investors should always be cautious when choosing where to put their money.

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